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A new perspective for a new environment

Shaping Environments was established by industry veterans as a resource dedicated to the entrepreneurs, consultants, and firms who build the world we live in. We're headquartered in America's Pacific Northwest, with an online reach to clients and consultants that extends worldwide.

A philosophy for convening minds

The industry is changing. Projects are becoming more complex. The disciplines serving them are becoming more specialized. It's important, now more than ever, that the various professionals within our built environment become more aware of each other and the roles that each plays. Shaping Environments was designed to promote that cross-discipline interaction.

A new approach to the changing work landscape

The way companies and people do business has evolved.

  • The average employee may now stay within the industry but changes jobs many more times during his or her career. This increases the relative cost of hiring and training in the traditional business model.
  • For employers, the cyclical nature of our industry can also create inefficiency in the workforce during lean times, as well as force overtime to avoid new hires when the economy is strong.
  • For employees, all of this equates to an uncontrollable ebb and flow in working hours, a lack of stability in employment and a constant restructuring of pay, insurance and other benefits.

The result: more employees are striking out on their own to become independent consultants. Working from home or in different offices, they provide a valuable service to the people who contract with them. They also maintain greater control of their professional lives. Shaping Environments provides access to these highly desired, hard-to-find consultants.

Our industry has been hard hit by the current economic climate. We have fewer resources to work with combined with a greater need to stay active and informed. Shaping Environments was created to provide the resources to help its members stay on top of their industry and efficiently find projects, find professionals or build teams of any size, in any geographic location.