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The premier, one-stop destination for clients and consultants for the built world.

Shaping Environments is a unique, comprehensive service that keeps you ahead of the curve. As an exciting meeting ground for industry professionals and firms serving the built world, we're your centralized resource. Find projects, search for consultants, and stay up-to-date on news and industry advancements in today's demanding development environment.

Shaping Environments membership benefits

For clients:

  • Create the perfect team for your project by finding the right consultants-both individuals and firms-right when you need them.
  • More effectively manage costs and improve efficiencies during projects, and between.
  • Increase your productivity by streamlining your consultant selection, marketing and early project development processes.
  • Increase your brand recognition and company exposure by posting a company profile.
  • Create a link to your existing Web site, directing more traffic to your current marketing assets.

For consultants:

  • Post a profile that presents your professional credentials to increase your brand recognition and exposure.
  • Find projects directly suited to your industry qualifications and experience.
  • Simplify the process of securing clients while reducing the time and expense to locate them.
  • Create a link to your existing Web site, directing more traffic to your current marketing assets.
  • Be recognized as both a consultant and a client, if desired, with a profile that highlights those combined benefits.

For all:

  • Increase potential revenue on investments.
  • Expand professional development opportunities and networking.
  • Learn more about the industry's best practices.
  • Participate in promoting energy-efficiency and sustainability.
  • Enhance transfer of knowledge across disciplines.
  • Leverage the strengths of government, education and the private sector.
  • Access a wide array of industry news, such as:
    • Articles on how mechanical engineers adopt the latest in green building practices.
    • Reports on the legal and financial implications of government stimulus work.
    • Updates on the rising stars in architectural design.
  • Access industry associations that guide our work and practices
    • Shaping Environments conveniently provides the ability to stay current with other industry fields where their work impacts yours.
    • Members see the greater picture of our industry and connect with the associations that affect their work.
  • The SE Featured Articles
    • We've assembled a team of writers from different disciplines and a variety of locations to review and assess timely news and advancements in the industry from their unique perspectives, relevant to you. It's a great way to stay on top of what your industry is doing in real time.
  • The SE Calendar
    • Want to know when and where the next ICSC show is? Are you traveling and curious about an area lecture or symposium? The calendar collects data from our industry associations and posts it in one place for your reference, with direct links to detailed programs and registration.